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Support system rolled out to encourage non-practising vets to return to work

A new support program is being rolled out to aid veterinary professionals and practices in resuming clinical work post career breaks.    This initiative was announced at the SPVS Congress in Birmingham, with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) poised to unveil comprehensive information in the upcoming weeks.   During the presentation, attendees learned that approximately […]

How to secure the salary you deserve

As a veterinary professional, there has never been a better time to negotiate your salary. Why? Because not only will experienced vets always be in high demand but also the talent pool is drying up – making you a very valuable and desirable candidate. Carry on reading for advice on how to secure the salary […]

Why you should partner with a vet-focused recruitment agency

Whether you’re a qualified vet seeking a change in career or an employer in the veterinary field, partnering with a vet-focused recruitment agency can be highly advantageous. Here’s why… 1. Industry expertise  Vet-focused recruitment agencies often have years of industry experience under their belt, meaning they have a holistic understanding of the roles, skills, and […]

Newly launched Equity, Diversity and Inclusion programme for vets: everything you need to know

The CVS Group has introduced a fresh course focusing on equity, diversity, and inclusion, accessible to all practices across the UK. Offering two hours of CPD, the seven-section programme offers content suitable for both clinical and non-clinical personnel. The developers, Nimisha Patel-Cook and Claire Dennison, said: “We want to increase the levels of diversity within […]

3 signs your dog has separation anxiety

It is very common for dogs to suffer with separation anxiety – meaning they find it difficult and unsettling to be left alone. In this blog, we look at the tell tale signs that your dog is experiencing separation anxiety and how to treat it.   1.Destructive behaviour    Do you often return home ready […]