Career Advice

How to make your veterinary surgeon CV stand out

Here at Choice Vets, we want to make your job search as seamless as possible. But you can’t start applying to roles until you’re confident in your CV’s ability to catch the eye of potential employers. Carry on reading for a brief guide on making your veterinary surgeon CV stand out, with insight from our […]

3 ways to make a great first impression as a locum vet

Regardless of how long you’re going to be filling a position, it is vital to start with your best foot forward and build rapport with your temporary team. In this blog, we discuss 3 ways in which you can make a dazzling first impression as a locum vet.   Talk to your colleagues!   Make […]

Preparing for a veterinary nurse interview

Going into a veterinary nurse interview can be anxiety-inducing, but with the right preparation it’s really nothing to worry about! Carry on reading for our top tips on how to smash your next interview and secure the role. Research, research, research Arrive at your interview equipped with a detailed knowledge of the practice, including company […]

5 common veterinary nurse interview questions

Congratulations, you’ve been shortlisted for a veterinary nurse interview but now the big day is rapidly approaching and you’re not sure what to expect. Don’t panic! Our experienced consultants are here to help. Carry on reading for a handpicked selection of common questions bound to arise during your interview.    1.Do you have a pet […]

Why you should be regularly completing your vet CPD

In order to deliver the best level of patient care to our furry friends, it is necessary for veterinary staff to keep their skills and industry knowledge up to scratch. In this blog, we look at the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) and offer up some ideas on how to get in those hours!  […]

The ultimate locum toolkit

Just starting out as a locum vet? Here are a few tips on what to pack for your first day!   Food, food and more food   It may sound silly but you never know what your busy locum day might hold, so come armed with snacks! Even if you’re planning on getting a bite […]

3 Continuing Professional Development ideas for 2024

In this blog, we share a refresher into CPD and what you can do that counts towards it.    Understanding CPD in veterinary career advancement   Continuing Professional Development, commonly referred to as “CPD,” is an ongoing learning initiative designed to enhance your capabilities and competence throughout your veterinary profession.   The learning endeavours within […]

Career advice for newly qualified vets

In your final year of veterinary school? Perhaps you’re starting to consider what your first role is going to look like. It’s an exciting time, but it’s important to keep these things in mind before you dive into the veterinary world. Here are five tips for our soon-to-be qualified vets who are thinking about their […]

3 things employers look for in graduate vets

As a fresh graduate vet, you may be eager to step into the professional world and start making a difference in the lives of animals and their owners. However, landing your dream job as a veterinarian requires more than just a degree. Employers seek certain qualities in their potential hires that go beyond academic qualifications. […]

How to secure the salary you deserve

As a veterinary professional, there has never been a better time to negotiate your salary. Why? Because not only will experienced vets always be in high demand but also the talent pool is drying up – making you a very valuable and desirable candidate. Carry on reading for advice on how to secure the salary […]