A word of advice for recent veterinary graduates looking for their first job

The Choice Vets team have a wealth of experience in the veterinary world and even more experience looking over CVs! So we thought, why not share some of that knowledge with our lovely veterinary graduates? In this blog, we offer a word of advice for veterinary graduates looking for their first job…

Cast your net wide

It’s wise to cast your net wide when it comes to looking for your first role as a veterinary grad. If you set your sights on a specific area then you might risk missing out on a great opportunity. So be open minded!

You gained so much experience at uni – talk about it!

When we look at graduate CVs, a common mistake we see is that they fail to shout about their experience and knowledge acquired during university. There’s no need to list all of your placements, but make sure to include experience that is most directly relevant to the role you’re applying for.

Show genuine interest

Use your cover letter to explain why working in the veterinary industry is something you’re passionate about. For example, if your main interest is nutrition then write about your experience in that area, what drew you to it in the first place and how your skills have developed since then.

Personality is more important than you think 

There’s nothing worse than reading a dry CV or cover letter that sounds as though it’s been copy and pasted. Showcasing your personality will help you stand out amongst the competition and increase your chances of landing an interview. Think about it, the hiring manager wants to employ someone who has a bit of character because ultimately they’re going to have to spend time with you!

Keep your career plan in mind

We’re not asking you to have mapped out the next 5 years – however, it is important to have a direction in mind so you can start out in roughly the right place. Having an area of interest in mind will also help you narrow your job search so that it’s not too overwhelming. Having said this, we would, again, recommend keeping an open mind.

Once you’re confident with your CV (check out our guide here) and know what you want to get out of your first veterinary role, then get in touch with our consultants who can help get you on the right path!