3 Continuing Professional Development ideas for 2024

In this blog, we share a refresher into CPD and what you can do that counts towards it. 


Understanding CPD in veterinary career advancement


Continuing Professional Development, commonly referred to as “CPD,” is an ongoing learning initiative designed to enhance your capabilities and competence throughout your veterinary profession.


The learning endeavours within CPD should align with your specific role, encompassing areas such as clinical skills, leadership qualities, mentoring abilities, or aspects related to health and well-being.


What are the requirements? 


  • Vets must record 35 hours of CPD
  • Vet nurses are required to record 15 hours of CPD


What counts towards CPD?


Here are three simple suggestions for CPD if you’re struggling for ideas… 


  1. Virtual learning: Explore online courses, webinars, and digital resources relevant to your veterinary practice. Focus on topics that align with your professional goals, ensuring a diverse range of virtual learning experiences.
  2. Reflection: Dedicate time to contemplate and assess your professional experiences. Reflect on cases, challenges, and successes to gain insights that contribute to your continuous development. Documenting these reflections can serve as a valuable resource for future improvement.
  3. Mentoring: Engage in mentoring relationships, either as a mentor or mentee. Sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues fosters a collaborative learning environment. Participating in mentorship programs or informal mentoring relationships can provide unique perspectives and contribute to your overall professional growth.

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