Why the cost of living crisis is putting animals at risk

Animals across the UK are being put at risk by the cost of living crisis as veterinary practices and pet owners face rising energy bills. 


Not only is it becoming increasingly expensive to run a functioning veterinary practice, but also to stock the necessary equipment and medicines. 


Ongoing staffing shortages are adding to this pressure on the veterinary sector, meaning thousands of pets are not receiving the care they need to stay healthy. 


Pet owners are also feeling the pinch, with many having no choice but to delay essential treatments for their fluffy companions due to financial hardship. As a result, vets have reported an increase in admissions where the animal presented with a preventable health condition. 


Large veterinary bills are one thing, but there are now rising concerns amongst pet owners around whether they will be even able to continue feeding their animals amidst the cost of living crisis. 


What action is being taken? 


Malcom Morley, President of the British Vets Association has spoken out about the impact of the cost of living crisis on animal welfare in a letter to the Chancellor, which calls for the Energy Bill Relief scheme to be extended beyond March 2023. 

It also highlights the need for additional support for veterinary practices, including further relief on business rates and a reduction in VAT.  

How can veterinary staff get involved? 

  • Share information on where local food banks for pet food are available on your website, social platforms and around the practice. 
  • Try and build a more sustainable environment at your practice, using these helpful tips.
  • Write to your local MP.
  • Offer discounts on services if and where possible (this will attract more clients too). 


Here at Choice Vets we champion animal welfare and look forward to learning of any further steps the government might take to help support veterinary practices and pet owners across the country. 

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