5 ways to keep your pet calm on bonfire night

Remember, remember [your pets on] the 5th of November! Bonfire night is fast approaching so it’s good practice to inform your clients about how they can keep their pets calm on this evening of celebration.


The loud bangs of fireworks can be traumatic and distressing for pets and surrounding wildlife due to their sensitivity to loud noises. Our team of animal-loving experts have come up with suggestions on how your clients can help mitigate their pet’s anxiety on Guy Fawkes night.


1.Recommend products


It might be helpful to recommend products such as pheromone diffusers to clients to help reduce their animal’s stress. Of course, prescribed medication is always an option should you feel it is necessary, so remind your clients to book an appointment early if they wish to discuss treatment options. 




Place signage and posters around your practice that discourages the use of fireworks due to the impact on pets and wildlife. If your clients do wish to enjoy the fireworks, advise them to go to an organised event rather than setting them off near the house. This will also reduce disturbance to other animals in the neighbourhood. 


3.Distraction techniques


Try and mask the sound of the fireworks by having the television or radio on in the background. Alternatively, you can try distracting your pet with toys or food – just make sure they stay indoors and away from any windows as the bursts of light may also be unnerving. 


4.Discuss the symptoms of noise phobia and distress 


If your clients are aware of how noise phobia and distress can manifest from animal to animal, then they will be better equipped to recognise it quickly and respond accordingly. 


5.Share ideas for making their pet feel safe 


Offer up some of your expert advice on how to sooth frightened pets, such as building a quiet safe haven in the house for dogs or providing hiding spaces for spooked cats. Again, this will help pet owners feel more prepared and likely reduce their own anxiety about keeping their furry companions safe and happy. 

For further advice or queries, please get in touch with our friendly team at [email protected].