cost of living crisis

One in seven pet owners are avoiding vet visits due to financial concerns

According to a survey by Dogs Trust, around one in seven pet owners admitted they would avoid a non-essential trip to the vet to save money.    The charity also reported that a whopping 45,000 people contacted them about giving up their pet in 2023, amidst the cost of living crisis.    Vet bills were […]

Cost of living crisis sees sharp increase in animals needing shelter

When you adopt a pet, you welcome another member to your family and show them the same unconditional love and care.  Between 2020-2021, it is estimated that 3.2 million pets were taken in to keep UK families company during the series of Covid-19 related lockdowns.  However, as we transition from one crisis to another, it […]

Why the cost of living crisis is putting animals at risk

Animals across the UK are being put at risk by the cost of living crisis as veterinary practices and pet owners face rising energy bills.    Not only is it becoming increasingly expensive to run a functioning veterinary practice, but also to stock the necessary equipment and medicines.    Ongoing staffing shortages are adding to […]