How vet nurses can sharpen up their CV

You’ve found the veterinary role of your dreams and can’t wait to roll your sleeves up and get started – but how do you convince the employer you should make the cut? Based on years of first-hand experience in veterinary recruitment, our team of experts have collated some top tips on how to sharpen your […]

Why the cost of living crisis is putting animals at risk

Animals across the UK are being put at risk by the cost of living crisis as veterinary practices and pet owners face rising energy bills.    Not only is it becoming increasingly expensive to run a functioning veterinary practice, but also to stock the necessary equipment and medicines.    Ongoing staffing shortages are adding to […]

How can vets get involved with the #CutTheCrop Campaign

Ear cropping is an illegal mutilation where part of a dog’s ears are cut or removed for aesthetic purposes. In this blog, we explore why this cruel procedure should be banned and how you can help take a stand.  Why should it be banned?    This barbaric procedure is often carried out without anaesthesia and […]