5 common veterinary nurse interview questions

Congratulations, you’ve been shortlisted for a veterinary nurse interview but now the big day is rapidly approaching and you’re not sure what to expect. Don’t panic! Our experienced consultants are here to help. Carry on reading for a handpicked selection of common questions bound to arise during your interview.    1.Do you have a pet […]

Homeless pet owners: what needs to change?

New research from the United States says that veterinary professionals should not be solely responsible for homeless pet owners.   It also stresses the need for a multidisciplinary approach which would help enhance general knowledge around the specific challenges facing these clients – as well as finding solutions.    They anticipate that the study, featured […]

3 Continuing Professional Development ideas for 2024

In this blog, we share a refresher into CPD and what you can do that counts towards it.    Understanding CPD in veterinary career advancement   Continuing Professional Development, commonly referred to as “CPD,” is an ongoing learning initiative designed to enhance your capabilities and competence throughout your veterinary profession.   The learning endeavours within […]

How to secure the salary you deserve

As a veterinary professional, there has never been a better time to negotiate your salary. Why? Because not only will experienced vets always be in high demand but also the talent pool is drying up – making you a very valuable and desirable candidate. Carry on reading for advice on how to secure the salary […]

Post-pandemic behavioural problems in puppies and dogs: useful information for vets

You may have heard of the pandemic puppy boom, but what about the changes in behavioural problems? In this blog, we discuss the key takeaways from clinical animal behaviourist Loni Loftus’ research into post-pandemic behaviour in dogs.   Key findings:    Social interaction problems    The report highlights social interaction problems in dogs and puppies […]

Could this drug help dogs live longer?

The drug rapamycin could help dogs live longer, studies suggest.  Researchers at the Dog Aging Project are testing the effects of rapamycin – a pill originally manufactured to treat humans following organ transplants – on dogs to see if it has the potential to increase their life expectancy. The drug works by suppressing the immune […]

5 tips for your first veterinary nurse role

After years of hard work, the big day is finally here – you’re officially a qualified veterinary nurse! Amongst all the excitement it can be easy to feel overwhelmed during your first few weeks or even months. That’s why we’ve put together the following advice for you to refer back to (don’t say we don’t […]

How to ‘pet-proof’ your home this Christmas

Christmas is almost here – but before you transform your home into Santa’s grotto, it’s important to be weary of the potential threats the festive season can bring to pets in the house. In this blog, we cover how best to safeguard your pets this winter. Potential dangers and how to avoid them… New people […]

5 myths about studying veterinary medicine

So, you’re thinking of studying veterinary medicine but don’t know whether you meet the entry requirements? In this quick-read blog, we debunk 5 common myths about getting into veterinary school.   1.You must be educated to degree level  Applying to a degree programme is not the only option, there are gateway and foundation programmes which […]