5 myths about studying veterinary medicine

So, you’re thinking of studying veterinary medicine but don’t know whether you meet the entry requirements? In this quick-read blog, we debunk 5 common myths about getting into veterinary school.


1.You must be educated to degree level 

Applying to a degree programme is not the only option, there are gateway and foundation programmes which require lower grades. 


2.Straight A*s are a must

Conditional offers range from AAB to A*AA at A level and vet schools can make reduced offers depending on personal circumstances. 


3.You can’t reapply to vet school 

False! Students who reapply after being unsuccessful in their first year of application will not be penalised. 


4.Long periods of work experience are required 

Additional experience will not give applicants an extra advantage and some schools even accept online work experience. 


5.It’s 7 years of training 

We’ve all heard this one but alas, it is another myth! The majority of vet courses are 5 years in length, apart from Cambridge which offers a 6 year course with an intercalated year. 


We hope this information helped solidify your decision and we wish you the best of luck in starting on your career path to becoming a qualified vet! 


If you have just graduated as a veterinary nurse, we can help you find your first role that ticks all your boxes. Simply email your CV and job preferences to [email protected].