How can vets get involved with the #CutTheCrop Campaign

Ear cropping is an illegal mutilation where part of a dog’s ears are cut or removed for aesthetic purposes. In this blog, we explore why this cruel procedure should be banned and how you can help take a stand. 

Why should it be banned? 


This barbaric procedure is often carried out without anaesthesia and is therefore very painful for the dog in question. The ‘aim’ of ear cropping is usually to make the dog appear more threatening. Ironically however, the aftermath of the practice can leave the dog with an overly anxious disposition. Wounds can also easily become infected as they try to heal – especially if the procedure was not carried out by a medical professional and/or using unsanitary tools. According to the RSPCA, dogs use their ears to communicate to a greater extent than you may have thought. Even by looking at the position of a dog’s ear (e.g. whether it is upright), can tell you a lot about how they’re feeling. 


Why is it on the rise?


Unfortunately, ear cropping is yet to be made illegal in many areas including America and a handful of European countries. As a result, many mutilated dogs are either being purchased from abroad and imported into the UK or sent away to have the procedure done. It has also become a bit of a trend on social media, with influencers and celebrities sharing images of their dogs who have had the procedure done. We urge those looking for a new dog to adopt rather than buy, especially from breeders who sell ear-cropped dogs. 


How can veterinary professionals get involved?


There are several ways to help put a stop to ear cropping, including: 


  • Report sightings to your Local Authority Animal Health Function or Welfare Officer. If you’re not sure where to find this information, call Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline (03454 04 05 06) who will be able to redirect you. 
  • Show your support via social media using the hashtag #CutTheCropCampaign.
  • Sign this petition to get the Kept Animals Bill through parliament.
  • Encourage influencers/celebrities/friends/family to A) Avoid this procedure at all costs and B) If rescuing a dog with cropped ears, only post pictures using the hashtag #CutTheCropCampaign/with an explanatory caption that you do not condone it.