Cost of living crisis sees sharp increase in animals needing shelter

When you adopt a pet, you welcome another member to your family and show them the same unconditional love and care. 

Between 2020-2021, it is estimated that 3.2 million pets were taken in to keep UK families company during the series of Covid-19 related lockdowns. 

However, as we transition from one crisis to another, it is clear that not all households will be able to continue to provide for their fluffy friends.

Against the unforgiving backdrop of the cost of living crisis, the RSPCA reported a 24% increase in the number of animals being given away. 

As a result, shelters up and down the country are finding themselves inundated with abandoned pets, while animal charities are being bombarded with calls from anxious owners struggling to financially support their pets. 

How can you/your clients help? 

The RSPCA is running a campaign called Adoptober’ to encourage more people to adopt or foster animals. 

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where you can afford to care for a pet, you should consider adopting! Here’s why: 

  • You’ll be changing a pet’s life
  • Rehoming a pet is rewarding 
  • Reduce the strain on shelters
  • Get matched with the perfect pet
  • It’s more cost effective and ethical than buying from a breeder
  • Pets are already microchipped, neutered and vaccinated 

How much does caring for a pet actually cost? 

Before making the decision to adopt an animal, it is important to weigh up whether it is economically viable. Things to take into consideration include: pet food, medical bills, microchipping, neutering and the essentials (e.g. cat flap, litter tray, toys, bedding, leads). 

According to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home the average cost for owning a cat comes in at £1587 a year, while dog owners are looking at around £2,000. 

As a veterinary professional it is important to encourage pet owners/prospective pet owners to make sensible and informed decisions when considering pet adoption. 

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