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Why you should work with a recruiter when looking for your next veterinary role

Thinking of working with a recruiter to find your next veterinary role? Carry on reading to find out why you probably should… More opportunities  When working with a recruitment agency, you will unlock access to an abundance of roles which are often not available to the general public. As well as this competitive advantage, recruiters […]

Top 3 strategies for effective networking as a graduate vet

As a newbie vet, networking is probably the last thing on your mind. But expanding your network and building a support system is integral to your success as a veterinary professional. Why? Because it means you will always have people to turn to when you need advice – or better, leads for new opportunities when […]

Why the puppy pandemic boom is becoming a problem

From Tiger King to TikTok challenges, the pandemic gave rise to many a trend – but did you know that adopting puppies was one of them?! This has now been dubbed the ‘puppy pandemic boom’ which yes, sounds cute in theory but has unfortunately become a bit of an issue in practice.  Why is the […]

Thousands of people are giving up their pets: why?

An animal charity in Scotland says it has been inundated with calls from people wanting to give up their pets. Out of the 4,000+ callers, the majority said the decision was due to financial struggle. The Scottish SPCA shared that 2022 was the busiest year for its helpline thus far – with the number of […]