mental health for veterinary staff

Addressing compassion fatigue: self-care strategies and resources

If you work in the veterinary world, there’s a strong chance that you are a very empathetic and loving person. While these qualities are invaluable when it comes to caring for animals, they also make you more susceptible to compassion fatigue. In this blog, we share warning signs, prevention tactics and where to find support […]

Yoga for vets: in conversation with Dr Chloe Hannigan of VetYogi

In recent years, the demanding and emotionally charged nature of veterinary care has drawn attention to the myriad of mental health challenges faced by professionals in the field. Recognising the need for effective self-care practices within the veterinary community, Dr Chloe Hannigan, a passionate yogi and experienced veterinarian, founded VetYogi.  Combining her expertise in veterinary […]

3 secrets to longevity and leading a happy life as a vet

While being a veterinary professional is a highly rewarding and mentally stimulating career choice, it does, unfortunately, come hand-in-hand with psychological stress, high workloads and emotional burnout if your work-life balance is, well…unbalanced. In this blog, the Choice Vets team shares three secrets to longevity and leading a happy life. Do things that boost your […]

Why all veterinary professionals should take up journaling

While being a vet can be incredibly rewarding, there are also days which can be emotionally draining. Whether you’ve had an overwhelmingly busy shift or had to deliver bad news to a family, the veterinary profession is a tough gig when it comes to mental health. That’s why it’s extra important to look after yourself […]

New mental health resources for veterinary professionals

A new series of mental health and wellbeing sessions are soon to be available to veterinary professionals across the UK.  The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Mind Matters Initiative (MMI) and the Veterinary Management Group (VMG) came up with the initiative to help combat the worsening mental health crisis in the veterinary sector.  Training will […]