3 tips for looking out for your colleagues over the Christmas period

Working over the Christmas period is tough; working as a vet over the Christmas period is even tougher. Not only do you have to deal with being away from your family, but also the day-to-day stressors that come with working in a veterinary practice. 

As a result, the festive season can cause a lot of anxiety and loneliness – so it’s more important than ever to look out for your colleagues who may be feeling overwhelmed this December. 


How can I look out for my colleagues in the veterinary sector over the festive period? 


1.Spread festive cheer with colleagues 

Just because you’re working over Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t join on the fun. Why not brighten up the workplace by: 

  • Having a Christmas jumper day
  • Bringing in some mince pies or homemade goods
  • Making a festive playlist
  • Organising a mini roast at lunch with each person bringing in a different component 
  • Christmas crackers!

Bringing Christmas to work will not only boost team morale, but also put a smile on pet-owners faces at what might be a stressful visit to the vets. 


  1. Be helpful 

Big New Year’s Eve party you want to attend? Swap with your colleague working on Christmas Eve so they can be with their family and you can boogie your way into 2023. Does your colleague look like they’re struggling with something? Offer a helping hand. Feeling a bit bah humbug? Talk to your colleagues and let them have a vent too – support each other. 

Working as a vet over Christmas isn’t always smiles and rainbows so normalise speaking to one another and providing support where you can. You never know, a terrible Christmas cracker joke might make someone’s day…


  1. Show your support 

Working during the festive season can be taxing. Remember that your colleagues are in the same boat so it’s important to treat them with even more kindness and respect than usual. If one of your peers looks like they’re having a bad day, offer to make them a cup of tea and ask if everything is alright – they’ll appreciate having a friendly face in the workplace. 

This will create a more positive work environment for everyone and help boost morale. Extending this positivity to visitors is also important as having a poorly pet is always distressing – particularly during such a family-orientated time of year.

Choice Vets wish you all you wonderful vets a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Remember, if you need additional support you can contact VetLife 0303 040 2551.

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