We’re celebrating pride month!

Here at Choice Vets, we’re celebrating pride month! In this blog, we delve into best practices for supporting your LGBTQ+ colleagues and clients as a vet – as well as how you can raise awareness and educate others.

1. Educate yourself

Take the time to educate yourself about LGBTQ+ terminology, issues, and history. Familiarise yourself with the challenges and unique healthcare needs that LGBTQ+ individuals and their pets may face. This knowledge will empower you to provide respectful and compassionate care.

2. Foster a safe and inclusive practice

Ensure that your practice is a safe and welcoming space for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Display inclusive symbols, such as the Pride flag, within your practice. Train your staff to treat all clients and colleagues with respect, using appropriate language and avoiding assumptions.

3. Enhance Staff Training

Conduct training sessions for your staff to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues and sensitivities. This training can include LGBTQ+ terminology, pronoun usage, and respectful communication. By promoting understanding and empathy, you’ll empower your team to provide exceptional care to all clients.

4. Share LGBTQ+ Resources

Utilise your social media platforms, website, or clinic notice boards to share LGBTQ+ resources and information. Highlight LGBTQ+-friendly veterinary clinics, emergency services, or LGBTQ+ pet support groups in your area. By amplifying these resources, you can assist individuals in finding the care they need and contribute to a more inclusive community.

5. Avoid Heteronormative Assumptions

As a veterinary professional, it’s important to avoid making assumptions about your clients’ personal lives or relationships. Use inclusive language when discussing family dynamics or asking questions. Recognise that families come in various forms and that pets hold great significance to LGBTQ+ individuals and couples.

Let’s continue to celebrate diversity, love and acceptance throughout pride month and beyond!

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