Vet CPD: 3 courses to check out this month

Refreshing your knowledge of the veterinary sector and brushing up on your skills is paramount to ensuring that you are fully engaged in your role, and poised to provide the best service to your patients! And you never know – you might acquire some new skills along the way. Carry on reading for a taster of the courses available this month. 


What’s happening this month? 


  • Emergency patient online  (12 Sep – 23 Oct 22) 


This course focuses closely on how to treat and stabilise a shocked patient. From approaching transfusion therapy, to managing sepsis – attendees will come away with a wealth of expert-insight into how to deal with veterinary emergencies. 


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  • Soft tissue surgical principles (27th -18th Sept 22)

If you want to improve your confidence in the operating theatre, this one’s for you! Sign up to learn more about how to prepare for surgery, with a specific focus on GDV cases, gastrointestinal surgery and maximising your exploratory laparotomy. 


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  • Unravel the riddle of neurology – practical clinical reasoning in small animal neurology online


Discover how to perform the perfect neurological examination for dogs or cats, with expert insight into the management of paroxysmal disorders, problem solving in spine diseases and neurological emergencies. 


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We hope these courses will prove useful in aiding your professional development and enhancing your industry knowledge. Now you’ve obtained new skills, why not look for your next role in the veterinary industry?