The veterinary profession: truths and myths

Let’s play a game of true or false! In this blog, we dispel common myths surrounding the veterinary profession, as well as share some home truths so that you can decide whether it’s the right career for you. 

Veterinary professionals work regular hours 

There won’t be any Dolly Parton nine-to-fiving around here, we’re afraid. Much like doctors, veterinarians are often expecting to work weekends, late nights and extra hours to care for poorly pets. 

Vets don’t need interpersonal skills as they only work with animals

Wrong! Strong interpersonal skills are actually a crucial part of being a successful vet. From communicating clearly with your client’s owners to listening to your colleague’s instructions vets require polished social skills. 

You will only deal with cats and dogs

Yes, you will treat a lot of cats and dogs due to them being the most commonly owned pets in UK households. However, you can also expect to meet other animals including snakes, hamsters, exotic animals, farm animals and maybe even some zebras if you work near a zoo! Don’t worry though, you’ll be equipped with how to handle each of your patients during your time at veterinary school. 

Veterinarians don’t have to deal with emotional challenges

Veterinarians often form strong bonds with their patients and their owners. They face emotional challenges, especially when dealing with difficult cases, end-of-life decisions, or unexpected outcomes.

There are a variety of career paths 

This is indeed true. Before starting veterinary school, you may envision yourself working on a farm and then when you graduate realise that you are more suited to being a small animal surgeon. 

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