work-life balance

Addressing compassion fatigue: self-care strategies and resources

If you work in the veterinary world, there’s a strong chance that you are a very empathetic and loving person. While these qualities are invaluable when it comes to caring for animals, they also make you more susceptible to compassion fatigue. In this blog, we share warning signs, prevention tactics and where to find support […]

Navigating the holiday season as a veterinary professional

The holiday season is a joyous time filled with festivities, food and family but for vets, it often means an increase in workload. Balancing the demands of a busy veterinary practice with the desire to enjoy the holiday spirit can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll explore some effective coping mechanisms to help vets […]

3 benefits of telemedicine for veterinary professionals

In this blog, we discuss the key benefits of telemedicine for practising vets.   What is telemedicine?    ‘Telemedicine’ is a subcategory of ‘telehealth’ which refers to the digital communication between a vet and a client.   How anti-climatic, eh?   This includes anything from SMS services, photo messaging and Facetime appointments, through to dog […]

3 secrets to longevity and leading a happy life as a vet

While being a veterinary professional is a highly rewarding and mentally stimulating career choice, it does, unfortunately, come hand-in-hand with psychological stress, high workloads and emotional burnout if your work-life balance is, well…unbalanced. In this blog, the Choice Vets team shares three secrets to longevity and leading a happy life. Do things that boost your […]