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Push for ban on electronic shock collars

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is urging vets to call on their MPs over the planned ban on electric shock collars.  While measures have been agreed by the House of Lords, the ban must still be approved by MPs. Hence, the BVA is pushing for vets to put pressure on their local MPs to ensure […]

#DogsDieInHotCars: how to join the campaign

Did you know that the inside of your car can reach up to a scorching 47 degrees? While this would be an ideal environment for warming up your lunch, it’s certainly a less-than-ideal environment for your pup. In fact, leaving your dog in the car on a summer’s day (even if parked in the shade) […]

Why the puppy pandemic boom is becoming a problem

From Tiger King to TikTok challenges, the pandemic gave rise to many a trend – but did you know that adopting puppies was one of them?! This has now been dubbed the ‘puppy pandemic boom’ which yes, sounds cute in theory but has unfortunately become a bit of an issue in practice.  Why is the […]