Registered Veterinary Nurses: how to secure the salary you deserve

Registered Veterinary Nurses up and down the country work tirelessly and sacrifice their pay and work/life balance in the process. This has sparked conversation about making sure RVNs and vet staff alike know their worth when looking for a new role, and what they can do to ensure they receive a salary that reflects their dedication and hard work. Carry on reading for expert advice from our consultants who share top tips on how to secure the salary you deserve. 


Know your worth

Remember that you play an integral role in society by providing care for both pets and indirectly, their owners. Registered Veterinary Nurses also help contribute towards disease prevention, food safety and environmental protection – all of which is fundamental to maintaining human health. As such valuable members of society, it is important to push for a salary that reflects your hard work, dedication and long hours. We recommend having a goal in mind and being specific when negotiating a figure in your interview. If salary expectations were set out in the job advertisement then make sure not to ask for a figure way out of that ballpark as it could come across as obnoxious. Nonetheless, if you can back up your salary proposal with tangible examples of your skills, experience and professional accomplishments then you’re in with a good chance of success. 


Do your research

Plucking a figure out of thin air won’t help you here, so make sure you have a good grasp of the current market that you can use as a benchmark of what kind of salary to expect. If you find asking your peers too uncomfortable, then Google is your next best bet. Sites such as Glassdoor, for example, offer great insight into the ‘norm’ salary for your role and area based on real-world submissions from other RVNs. You can then use this information as leverage in your next interview or pay rise discussion. 

Top tip: Bear in mind that salary for the same role will vary from location to location so make sure to narrow your search to your local area. The amount may also fluctuate based on the types of animals being worked with so we recommend taking that into consideration before jumping into any wild negotiations with employers!


Get in touch with our expert team 

Two minds are better than one! Our team of recruitment specialists are well versed in the veterinary sector and can provide a helping hand to candidates looking for their next role. 

Simply let us know what your expectations are and we’ll use our industry expertise to place you in your dream role. We’re also happy to offer advice on salary negotiation based on our wide-ranging understanding of the market. Fill in our candidate registration form, upload your CV and start applying for our exciting RVN jobs today! 


Final thoughts

With the cost of living crisis in full swing, we know economic stability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. As much as it is important, don’t forget to factor in other important factors – such as working hours, job flexibility and holiday allowance when searching for your next role. We hope this article helps boost your confidence as a Registered Veterinary Nurse and reminds you of your invaluable role in society. 


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