New Year’s resolutions for a healthier pet!

So you’ve finished writing down your goals for the new year, and you’re looking forward to starting afresh – but have you considered how you could help improve your pet’s life in 2023? In this blog, we share ideas for New Year’s resolutions for a healthier pet!
Regular grooming
Make the effort in 2023 to groom your pet on a more regular basis. Not only will this help keep your fluffy friend clean, but also allows them to shed excess hair and any fleas that may be lurking. Depending on your pet, grooming may include baths, brushing and nail trimming. Brushing your animal’s teeth is also important for preventing tooth loss (and keeping their breath fresh!).
Don’t forget about routine checkups
By taking your pet for checkups at the vet, you can help keep their health in top condition by avoiding preventable diseases and making sure everything looks normal! Just like us, animals who receive an early diagnosis can drastically improve their outcome and stop any complications from happening. We recommend taking your animal in for an appointment with the vet at least once a year.
Improved diet
Over the Christmas period it is probably fair to assume your pet may have joined you in overindulging in a few festive treats. Help get them back on the right track by cutting back on the dreamies (even if your cat is giving you the puss-in-boots eyes) and improve their nutrition by providing regular but sensible sized meals.
Up their exercise
Why not make this a mutual new year’s resolution? Whether you’re looking to lose weight or wanting to improve your mental health, taking your dog on more regular walks is beneficial to everyone involved! If you have a cat, try increasing playtime and chasing them around with their favourite toy so they can get those steps in.
Increased quality time
Spending time with your pet is good for both you and them. In fact, research has shown that cuddling with your pet reduces cortisol, the hormone linked to stress, anxiety and depression. If you have a dog, look up the pubs, restaurants and shops in your area where you can take them – you’ll be surprised how many there are!
Choice Vets wishes you a very Happy New Year, full of health, happiness and lots of fond memories with your fluffy companions!