New technology can detect cancer in dogs with up to 98% accuracy

A new technology which can detect lumps in dogs within a matter of minutes has been rolled out in the UK. 


The device, which was developed by the Israeli company HTVet, can identify whether the mass is either harmful or benign, with up to 98% accuracy. 


It works by providing a thermal image of any dermal or subdermal masses present so they can be thoroughly examined. 


We are already seeing this exciting medical tool in use across America, Australia, the Netherlands and Israel. 


At present, the scanner can only be used on dogs, but similar devices for cats are in the process of being developed. 


A key benefit of the HT Vista device is that it is non-invasive to dogs, meaning pet owners can get their precious canines checked out, hassle-free. 


Clinical educator Tal Dembinsky, who was present during the trials, said: “We never saw a dog backing away because they are scanning and the owners are very happy to see it’s non-invasive.”


As well as helping pet owners rule out cancer, the device is also more cost effective than the original testing method, with each scan coming in at around £60. 


HTVet have described the current UK trials as being “very positive”, although discussions with the UK veterinary market are still ongoing. 


Here at Choice Vets, we’re always excited to explore the latest technological developments in the veterinary world and look forward to seeing how the HT Vista improves animal welfare across the UK. 


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