Managing abuse online

Last year, 57% of vets in clinical practice were intimidated by clients and 48% were abused online.

British Veterinary Association (BVA) and VetsDigital have come together to create a guide on how to manage unfair and abusive reviews online and how to resolve conflicts with clients. You can download the full version here. 

This is part of BVA’s #RespectYourVetTeam campaign, which is all about taking action to end the abuse of veterinary professionals. So share the guide with all your colleagues!

What is the impact of abuse on vet teams? 

While feedback is a valuable tool for refining practice and enhancing client satisfaction, the veterinary community often finds themselves deeply affected by these comments. It can be particularly disheartening when professionals have had what appeared to be a positive interaction with a client, only to discover that the client later posts online criticism about their experience.

A recent survey conducted by the BVA, highlights just how significant an impact abuse has on the veterinary community. For example, three-quarters of veterinarians reported that online abuse adversely affected their motivation and job satisfaction, while half of them stated that it had a negative impact on their mental health.

How can we take action against this? 

  • Download the BVA’s new guide on how to manage abusive or unfair reviews, steps to deal with certain types of reviews and conflict resolution between team and client. 



  • Share BVA social media graphics to encourage clients to treat vet teams with respect. 


  • Encourage clients to raise any concerns in person, as and when they arise so they can be addressed immediately by a relevant manager. 


  • Avoid responding to abusive comments online as this will only draw more attention to the post (unless the poster has asked the practice a question or raised a concern that requires attention).  


  • Remove any posts that are factually incorrect or contain inappropriate language. 


For further information on how to tackle abuse from clients at work, make sure to download the full BVA guide. 

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