Cover letter tricks you wish you’d known earlier

Applying for a new veterinary role? Here are 5 cover letter tricks to help you get noticed and land that dream job!

ChatGPT is your friend 

Whether you need to reduce the word count of your cover letter or pepper it with keywords – ChatGPT is a great editorial tool. Just make sure you are precise with your prompts, e.g. “Edit my cover letter for X role at Y in a formal tone, using the job description attached as a reference.” It’s also wise to read over your automated cover letter before sending it to your prospective employer just to ensure that it doesn’t sound too devoid of human emotion. The chatbot tends to default to American English, so again, be cautious when it comes to relying solely on ChatGPT to do your editorial work.


Tenor is everything

Cover letters should always take on a formal tenor while also showcasing your friendliness and approachability as a potential candidate. To strike this balance, try writing as you would speak but omit any slang or jargon – and most importantly, allow your personality to shine through!


Go the extra mile

Stand out amongst the crowd and do a little research about the practice you’re applying to work at. Sew this into your cover letter by talking about how their values align with yours, and why you would make the perfect addition to the team.

Include a call to action

The whole point of writing a cover letter is to support your application and show off your skills in order to get a response. That’s why it’s crucial to include a call to action in the final paragraph of your cover letter, as to give the employer incentive to follow up with an interview offer. For example, we would recommend closing with a confident phrase such as “I look forward to discussing this role with you further”. Don’t forget to thank the hiring manager for their time too. On the other hand, avoid uncertain phrases such as “I hope to hear from you” as it suggests a lack of confidence – whereas we want to convey that you are obviously a candidate worth taking through to the interview stage.

Rule of three

While this may remind you of GCSE English, closing your cover letter with a cheeky rule of three really works as a way of reminding the reader why you’re the person for the job. For instance, “I believe my enthusiasm, empathy and experience as a veterinary nurse make me the perfect fit for X role at your practice.”

Now you’re ready to write an outstanding application! For help finding a veterinary role, get in touch with the Choice Vets team via email at [email protected].