Cat microchipping to be made mandatory

From June 2024, cat microchipping will be a legal requirement for owners in the UK. 


There will be a fine of up to £500 for those who don’t get their cat(s) microchipped by the time they are 20 weeks of age. 


Vets – remind your clients of this new legislation, as well as the benefits of microchipping as listed below. 


Benefits of microchipping: 


  • Identification: Microchips ensure that identification of pets is easy should they go missing. Remind owners that it is the most effective way to ensure their feline friends are easy to find should they run away or get stolen. 
  • Health records: Microchips can store important medical information about pets, such as vaccination history and allergies, which can be crucial for veterinary care.
  • Peace of mind: Owners have peace of mind knowing that their pets have a permanent form of identification, increasing the likelihood of being reunited in case of separation.


Wales yet to introduce compulsory microchipping 


Cats Protection has raised the alarm on cat welfare in Wales, where microchipping isn’t yet a legal requirement. 


New legislation mandating the microchipping of cats aged 20 weeks and older will be enforced in England starting June 10th.


It is estimated that one in four Welsh cats are not microchipped. 


Daryl Gordon, Cats Protection’s advocacy and government relations officer for Wales, said:  “We don’t want to see Wales lag behind in this important welfare issue, so we’re urging the Welsh Government to act now to introduce the measure.


“Microchipping is a vital part of responsible cat ownership, ensuring cats can quickly be returned home if they’re lost and making it easier for rescue charities to help stray cats.


“We were thrilled to welcome so many MSs to our event, and it’s great to see politicians taking an interest in cat welfare. We’ll continue to work with politicians to push this measure forward.”


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