Brexit is threatening Northern Ireland’s veterinary medicine supply

Brexit is threatening Nothern Ireland’s veterinary medicine supply due to a law which requires EU animal medicines to be batch tested before being sold in Northern Ireland. 


This could lead to the discontinuation of certain products. In fact, there are fears that the region is at risk of losing as much as half of its medical supply for animals and vets.


The British Veterinary Association said it was “extremely concerned” about the situation in a letter to the Lords committee.


While the BVA supported the extension of the grace period for unimpeded product movement into Northern Ireland until 2025, it emphasised that without a lasting resolution, sales of a variety of medicines, spanning from anesthetics to salmonella vaccines, could face discontinuation.


A spokesperson for the representative body added: “Failure to obtain a permanent solution could see Northern Ireland lose access to 51% of the veterinary medicines it currently receives. This would affect all sectors – farm, equine, pigs, poultry, and pets – and will have significant implications on animal health and welfare, public health, trade, and the agricultural economy,” 


“Though the Windsor framework is a clear improvement over the original protocol, it is highly complex,” said the committee chair, Michael Jay. 


“Businesses need clarity. The government and the European Union both need urgently to explain what the Windsor framework means in practice for businesses.”


This issue is covered in a recent report by the House of Lords protocol on Northern Ireland, which you can read in full here


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