AI to help improve Johne’s Disease detection

The diagnostics testing firm MI:RNA has recently introduced an innovative AI-enhanced testing approach designed for the early identification of Johne’s disease.

Initial data has shown the technology to have a 73% sensitivity rate, as well as 71% accuracy score when it comes to detecting the infection.

With more research, it is hoped that these figures will see substantial improvement.

Why do we need to tackle Johne’s Disease?

Not only does Johne’s Disease impact animal welfare, but also has economic implications due to reduced milk production and decreased reproductive efficiency, and increased veterinary costs in livestock.

Infected animals can also shed the disease which poses a risk of contamination during food production.

Therefore the early detection of Johne’s disease is essential to protecting animal health, maintaining economic viablity in agriculture and mitigating potential risks to human health and food safety.

Eve Hanks, the CEO and founder of MI:RNA, said: “Increasing market and global pressures on bovine protein production means that animal health has never been more important. This is a key area of research and development for MI:RNA and biomarker science combined with our unique AI-powered modelling, means that we can significantly improve animal health and reduce greenhouse gas output.

“The breakthrough that we’ve already achieved in Johne’s testing is unparalleled and has provided an opportunity for MI:RNA to pitch our business concept in the US to the The Kansas City Animal Health Summit. Following our presentation, we have now progressed through to the final selection stage for European Innovation Council funding for our work on Johne’s disease.

“In terms of future applications, microRNAs can assist with vital drug discovery, progressing future diagnostic testing and understanding disease pathways more effectively. We’ve already made remarkable progress and we know that with the continued backing of our tech, AI and health experts and with the correct funding, that we can do so much more.”

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