5 tips for your onboarding process

In order to establish a sense of belonging and support, it is crucial that your veterinary practice has a robust onboarding process. Here are 5 tips to ensure your new hires feel a part of the team from day one. 


  1. Include introductory paperwork 


Make sure your new hire is all prepped ahead of their first day by sending out information on the team, equipment and any other relevant information about the practice. This will ensure that they know what to expect and can start their first shift with confidence. 


  1. Guided tour 


Provide a guided tour for new starters so they can get familiar with the workplace and where all the key things live. This is also important for general safety (e.g. knowing where the nearest fire exits and first aid kits are, etc). 


3. Training 


Providing job-specific training is key for fresh hires – this should be a standard programme that covers the basics of the role. Shadowing is also a good way to do this as it also allows your newbies to ask questions and build rapport with colleagues. 


  1. Clear support system 


Your practice should make it clear where employees can seek support and advice should they need to. This especially crucial for new hires who will likely have lots of questions at the start. 


  1. Follow-up


Support for your staff should continue long after the onboarding process so that they feel motivated moving forward – plus, a happy team equals a better retention rate. It’s also worth getting feedback from your staff about the onboarding process so that you can make improvements where necessary. 


Happy onboarding! If you’re looking for new talent, give our specialist consultants a call on 0203 9784 104 today.